Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I would never.....

Before I had Will I always thought I knew exactly the kind of parent I would be. I use to say "I would never let my kid, or I would never...." you can fill in the blank I said it all the time. My friends and family would say just wait until you have your own and you will see. I never understood why they would chuckle and say you'll see. Here are a few things I said I would never do:

I will never be a stay at home mom. (well I am a work at home mom and this is the hardest job on the planet)

I will never let my kid drink pop.

I will never let my kid scream in a restaurant. (sometimes you just can't control it,now when I hear a kid screaming I think those poor parents.)

I will never let my kid stay up late, kids should go to bed at a decent time.

I will never block traffic at the store with my stroller. When my friends and I would go shopping we were so annoyed by those moms with the strollers!!

I will never let my kid sit around in just a diaper. Sometimes just dressing an active toddler can feel like such an accomplishement.

I will never allow toys to be scattered all over the house (have you seen our house?) We have toys everywhere and I mean everywhere.

I could go on and on and I have to say I no longer judge any parents for why they do things or allow their kids to do things since each child is unique. You just don't know how you would handle a situation until you are in it yourself. What did you say you would never do????

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GpawLP said...

GpawLP says " Will, white snow - GOOD!...Yellow snow - BAD!!! :)