Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sure to please mom and tot

I thought I would share something Will has liked since he was a baby. I think with most things they come and go but this has staying power. Will's all time favorite show is "Jacks Big Music Show". The show features bands and has a lot of music just like the title gives away. The band he really likes is "The Laurie Berkner Band". I have to say my husband and I really like them also. The music is really upbeat and I caution you, you will catch your self singing their songs. If you haven't seen them visit their site http://http://www.twotomatoes.com/site/index.php Yesterday "The Laurie Berkner" band was on the view and Will stoped dead in his tracks to watch them and then started dancing. Their DVD of music videos can be picked up at Target also. Hope you enjoy!

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