Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hard to find names, not a problem!

When I was a kid it was always so hard to find things with my name on it, Kristen was always spelled with "in" and never "en". I remember being so disappointed that they didn't have my name spelled correctly I even asked my mom if we could change the spelling to Kristin! :)

Hard to find names are no longer a problem! As Moms we are so proud and want to show off the names that we worked so hard at selecting. Why not show your pride with the "Mommy Brag" necklace! This necklace is perfect for the Mom or Grandma that has the hard to find names (doesn't it just bug you when every name is available but the one you want!)

The "Mommy Brag" necklace includes two 16mm sterling silver charms and they will be personalized to your specification and can fit up to 8 letters on each disc. The necklace also includes two swarovski crystals the available colors are: clear crystal, pink, light blue, red, silver,light green, black, topaz,light purple, and silver. The charms hang on a sturdy sterling silver 16 inch snake chain. The necklace is $49 as pictured.

Artist Note: The letters on this necklace have been hand stamped one at a time, I do not use machines. The letters will not line up perfectly and this should not be considered a flaw but part of the charm.Thank you for visiting my shop. Please convo me if you have any questions or would like a custom piece designed.

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