Monday, August 31, 2009

Featured Reader: Let me introduce you to....

La Dolce Vita

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Hubby and I spent the weekend doing some organizing and cleaning, bye bye dust bunnies! I can tell you that Will doesn't need another stuffed animal. We have run out of room for any more stuffed animals, yet I bet we will continue to buy them for him!

I always love Monday's since I have the opportunity to introduce you to a fabulous reader, what would we bloggers do without our readers? I have the great pleasure of introducing you to Kellie of Women's Life Link. Kellie is a one of those bloggers that amazes me, she has 6 kiddos and yet has an amazing blog that offers fabulous help for Women, she is truly a resource for all issues related to women. I knew why I instantly liked Kellie when she said that she is a huge fan of Alias, I never missed an episode, secretly I think in another life I wish I was a CIA agent. Now go grab a cup of joe and come back and get to know my friend Kellie, you won't be sorry!


Kellie R. Stone, founder/administrator for Women's Life Link


I am the mom of six - all fantastic in ways that I don't have room to list here. My oldest daughter will be a quarter of a century old this December (that's a reality check) and is married to a fellow sailor in the U.S. Navy. The other grown daughter (23) is currently in Cosmetology school and loving every minute of it! In the middle, I have two teen daughters (17 and 13) who try to tolerate each other only when they want to borrow each other's things. My boy is 12 and loves to cook, play video games, and irritate his sisters. Gotta love his unique ability to live with all these girls and survive. On the other end of the age scale, there is my Missy Moo. At 15 months, she is on her way to being either a rock star or a prima ballerina...or a blogger =).

How did you start blogging?

Several years ago I began to envision an organization that allowed women to network and share their experiences, beauty tips, health awareness, and their creative journeys. I had some health challenges through that time so it never really got off the ground as a "live" women's group. However, I never let the dream leave my mind and heart. When I met my daughter's boyfriend (a web developer and SEO specialist), he spoke to me about blogging and how to obtain a web presence that could eventually bring an income for me. I have always loved writing and sharing my thoughts with others; it seemed to be a natural fit. It took about a year after that conversation, but Women's Life Link was finally launched in March of this year. I've been dedicated to making it a vital blog ever since.

What is your parenting philosophy?

Well, after parenting for almost twenty-five years, I hope that I've got something to say about it. The first thing I learned is that no mother is perfect (especially me). And whenever I try to be, it always backfires in the form of rebellion and over-the-top competition amongst my children. They need to know that it's OK to make mistakes...and so does every parent. Second, the best thing I can do for them is know their strengths and their weaknesses, their passions, and their fears. When we truly understand who our children are as people, we can then gently lead them into a productive, fulfilling adulthood. And third, I had to learn how to love them. We all have different love languages, according to Gary Chapman, author of the Five Love Languages and many other books on the subject. Children, especially young ones, don't care about the complications of the world; they just want to know that you love them and need that love to reach them on their level. For that matter, the older ones are much the same; they just care more about gaining independence and finding their place in the world. Lastly, they will always need me no matter how old they get.

What is your blogging philosophy?

Though I haven't been at it long, I have developed a sense of who I am as a daily blogger. Women need to know that other women care, feel, think, create, love, hate, make mistakes, and even royally screw up from time-to-time. It is my job to portray a real person with a real life. And if I can make that interesting and occasionally amusing then I've succeeded as a blogger.

You will never find me without...


My coffee, my laptop, my lip gloss, my phone, ibuprofen, and normally my toddler; in which case, I would not be without at least one diaper, wipes, and some sort of snack food. As well, I try not to leave my brain, my wit, and my patience behind.

Day job:

At this time, I consider myself to be a SAHM who happens to be a writer (aspiring novelist), a blogger, and a Journey Coach. I've been doing the latter for years but just haven't received an income from it. Eventually, I hope to attract some "paying clients" through the blog and other means of promotion. I will also continue to do pro-bono work for women who can't afford the service. My areas of specialty are wellness, beauty, image consulting, self-awareness, and confidence building.

Favorite Stuff:

Music: I love Jazz, Blues, Piano instrumentals, and any artist who has written lyrics worth listening to, (like John Mayer, Gavin Degraw, Norah Jones, Led Zepplin, Evanescence, Michael W. Smith, and so many more.

Food: I could live on Asian food. Sushi and Chinese rice are my favorites. I would kill for the world's last piece of Tirimissou and often salivate for caramel popcorn. And if someone ever does away with coffee, I'd would become something inhuman.

Tv/ Movies: My all-time favorite TV show is Alias. I've watched the series three times all the way through; it never gets old. Currently, I enjoy all three of the CSI's, Secret Life (watch it with the teens), Fringe (can't wait till it starts again), Ghost Hunters, and random design shows on HGTV (I was an interior designer in my past life). =) As far as movies, you can pretty much gather from my TV list that I like the paranormal genre, crime/psychological thrillers, and detective dramas; among my faves are, Deja Vu, Butterfly Affect, Somewhere In Time, Frequency, Man on Fire, and 13 Going on Thirty (the whole time travel thing is pretty cool).

Reading: Again, I enjoy the thriller genre; Dean Koontz is my hero. I like Stephen King, Sandra Brown, and Lisa Gardner. Also, I try to read as many self-help books as I can, and the occasional decorating book slips in there.

If you had to wear a T-shirt with your favorite saying on it what would it be?

Honestly, I really hate wearing T-shirts that say things; I think people are staring at my boobs. But if I had to, I guess one that said "Inspired" would be OK.

Favorite stores to shop at:

Well, if I have the rare opportunity to buy clothes for myself and the ability to afford them, I'd be at The Limited, Banana Republic, Forever 21, or DSW. For home furnishings, I love Pier One, Pottery Barn, and stores that carry Moroccan style decor.

If you could trade with a blogger for the day who would it be?

I would trade with Genny at My Cup to Yours because she was one of the first bloggers to befriend me when I was brand spanking new and she is so gifted, Tammy from A Mom in Red High Heels because she has the inside scoop on a mom's beauty needs and a smokin' following, and there's Amy from A Bitchin' Wives Club; she is so free and hilarious (potty mouth...but who cares) with every post whether its about her recent surgery or a piece of clothing that she hates. Frankly, I give every woman credit who puts themselves out there on the web. Go Bloggers!!!

Other good stuff from Kellie:

One thing I've learned about women is that not every thing is always as it seems. So, just when I think someone is happy, or sad, rich, or poor, successful, or in the gutter, I take a step back and try not to base my opinion on what the surface may be presenting to me. I always try to give friendship time to grow and for the special people in my life to emerge from the crowd one day at a time. I hope to meet more fabulous women on my blogging journey. Be well-be beautiful.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vacation in a bottle: Kazam Natural Body Care

The first thing I thought of when I slathered on the Peach Mango Hand & Body Lotion by Kamaz Natural Body Care is that it is like a vacation in a bottle. I haven't had a beach vacation in a VERY long time and this just took me back to some fond memories on the beach. Kazam products are all natural with some of the finest ingredients like aloe leaf, cocoa butter, shea nut butter, honey and mango. It is always nice when you recognize all of the ingredients! The lotion soaks in right away and has a soft aroma that as I said is like a vacation in a bottle, maybe if I put it on and close my eyes I can daydream about a vacation. For now when I need to get away I will grab my Peach Mango lotion!

Kazam Natural Body Care also have body scrubs, body butters, shower gels and much much more. Please be sure to visit Kazam Natural Body Care.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Product Junkie Approved Bare Escentuals

This week I have two products that get my seal of approval, bareMinerals Foundation and Buxom lip balm both by Bare Escentuals. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first with trying bareMinerals foundation, only because I am really picky when it comes to foundation. After the first use I can say I am now a huge fan of the foundation and the lip balm.

Here is why bareMinerals has my seal of approval: I love that it is easy to use, literally swirl, tap buff see HERE, all natural, has SPF 15 and stays on all day! I have tried other mineral foundations and have found them to be chalky and they made my skin dry, with bareMinerals my skin feels velvety and even has a bit of a dewy look without excessive oil and it lasts all day. The color I selected is Medium Beige and it is a perfect match, no line along my jawline.

The Buxom Lip Gloss is the va va va voom for your lips! Buxom lip gloss is infused with bare minerals, has a nice sheen, provides full coverage and has this cool, tingly sensation that lets you know that your lips are plumping up. My favorite color is Jessica, which surprised me since it is a fairly light shade but I love it for everyday wear.

Bare Escentual products are available HERE and also at Sephora and QVC just to name a few.

Bare Escentuals has millions of fans and now has the product junkie hot on their heels!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Some things should stay in the 80's...

Have you noticed that fashion designers are trying really hard to bring back 80's inspired apparel like the above Reebok High Top. These high tops are available for sale and are exactly like the pink pair I use to have.

So I ask you:

What do you wish would stay in the 80's? (for me high tops, pegging pants and parachute pants)

What do you wish would come back? (for me leggings, I love the comfort, but you will only see me wearing them w/ dresses)

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boating, ice cream, and window shopping all in the rain...

When you are three you don't care that it is cold, so we bundled up and went for a ski boat ride, you also don't mind eating Superman ice cream when it is cold (btw Superman ice cream tastes really good) and what is better than finishing the day off with some window shopping and a new Ugly Doll to add to your collection! Meet Turny Burny (left) and Big Toe. This is how we spent our rainy weekend at the lake.

For more Thousand Words Thursday please visit my friend Jen of Cheaper Than Therapy Jen

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Look how much my baby has grown up...

Will June 2006

Will August 2009

Same chair just a big boy now! Happy Wednesday Friends! May today be a great day for you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Something new......and Special Offer

Just a few new items in the shop all hand stamped one little letter at a time. You can view my entire collection at Kristen's Custom Creations.

Special offer: For 3 or more items purchased receive 10% your entire order and or free shipping with a $50 or greater purchase. Offer only good until 8/31/09 and please leave a note at check out August09 to receive the discount or feel free to email me to arrange your order

Through the eyes of a 3 year old...

Whenever I load the pictures into the computer I often find pictures that Will has snapped and I love this particular collection, especially the pic of his cars and the picture he took of himself and really love them since they aren't all of the ceiling and floor. Hope you too enjoy the pics courtesy of Will!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Featured Reader: Let me introduce you to....

La Dolce Vita

Happy Monday friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a cold, rainy weekend, sure didn't feel like summer. But sometimes a rainy weekend allows you to curl up with a good book (Eclipse for me) or maybe watch a good movie with the family.

I love Monday's since I have the great pleasure of introducing you to one of my fabulous readers. This weeks feature is long overdue and I know you will love her blog as much as I do. Genny of My Cup 2 Yours, is one of the first bloggers I started following and I instantly fell in love with her blog. It started with her blog title and her love for coffee but what I enjoy the most is her heartfelt posts, honesty about being a Mother and the encouragement she offers to others. I love that her blog provokes thought and makes you take a second and think about whether or not you too are enjoying the joys of life, living, and motherhood. Grab a cup of joe and get to know my friend Genny, I know I always feel uplifted after visiting My Cup 2 Yours.


Genny Heikka of MyCup2Yours


My husband Mike, our daughter (10 years old), and our son (8

years old)

How did you start blogging?

I was reading a local parenting magazine a little over a year ago when I got so inspired by the stories I read that I felt compelled to start writing in that genre too. I wanted to somehow encourage other moms. (Up to that point, my writing had been focused in the children’s genre.) I’d been thinking about doing writing on-line for a while and had a few writer friends who had blogs, so I decided to start my own. I’m really glad I did; I’ve learned a lot from the insights and experiences of others and have met so man

y wonderful people along the way.

If you are a parent do you have a parenting philosophy?

My approach to parenting has evolved over time, and continues to evolve as my kids grow (and as I grow as a parent). My overall philosophy? I’d have to say that the most important thing to me is that my kids know I’ll always love them, unconditionally. My husband and I definitely have rules and expectations for the kids, but if we’re ever in doubt, we’d rather err on the side of grace, rather than rigidity.

You will never find me without......

Coffee! (at least in the mornings)

Day job:

When my daughter (our first child) was born, I quit my job in the corporate world to stay home with her, and I’ve been home with the kids ever since. While they’re in school, I write for various parenting magazines and Web sites and work on my book manuscripts, a couple of which I’m currently seeking representation for. I also write regularly at,, and at my blog ( In addition, I’m the Assistant Regional Advisor for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and I work per diem for a publishing company a day or two a week. All of that keeps me busy, but I love the variety and how everything is related to writing, which is my passion.

Favorite Stuff:

Music: I like all kinds. Some of my favorites right now (and this is always changing) are Tenth Avenue North, The Fray, Taylor Swift, Switchfoot, Lifehouse, and Mat Kearney.

Food: I love to eat big, creative salads, organic food when possible, and any and all Mexican and Italian food. And I absolutely love chocolate.

TV/ Movies: I don’t usually watch a lot of TV (no time!), but I do love the show The Biggest Loser. I also like to watch American Idol with my kids, and Americas Funniest Home Videos. Other than that, I’ll usually catch an occasional show on HGTV or the Food Network. As far as movies go, we have a tradition in our house called “Friday movie night” and we love it. Each Friday, Mike and I and the kids watch a movie together, which means I watch more kids movies than anything else, but we have a lot of fun doing it.

Reading: I love, love, love to read--all different kinds of books, from middle grade to young adult novels, non-fiction, adult fiction, devotionals, etc. I still read a ton of picture books to my kids too (you can never outgrow those) and we are always making trips to the library. As long as a book tugs at my heart in some way, I’m hooked.

If you had to wear a T-shirt with your favorite saying on it what would it be?

My daughter has a t-shirt that I absolutely love. It says “Keep the F8th Alive” and I think it’s a great reminder that, no matter what happens in life, having faith can make all the difference in the world.

Favorite stores to shop at

I’m really not much of a shopper, but when I do shop I can usually find what I like at Macy’s. I also love finding a good bargain at places like Marshalls or Home Goods. But somehow, I seem to find myself at Target with the kids the most.

If you could trade with a blogger for the day who would it be?

This is tough. I’m sure I won’t be able to list just one. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there. I’d have to say Kristen from We are THAT Family ( and Shannon from Rocks in My Dryer ( I’ve been reading their blogs for a while, love their writing, and have come across so many great people through their sites. There are others too, though, like Stephanie (, Angie (, Kellie (, and Susan and Janice ( See? I said this was too tough to list one….

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Heads up...JumpStart will be available for Wii very soon

I am very excited to announce that JumpStart will soon be available for Wii, how cool is that! JumpStart Pet Rescue will release at Walmart on September 1st and release at Best Buy, Sam's Club, Fry's and other retails stores September 2nd and retails for $39.99 and is for ages 3-6.

JumpStart Pet Rescue contains 5 Discovery worlds where Preschoolers navigate through 5 stories in a search for lost pets.

Each Discovery world contains a guided story told by one of the JumpStart friends, leading children on a learning adventure through more than 70 learning lessons and activities that teach kids over 75 essential skills they need to succeed. As kids progress through the adventures, they improve their pre-reading skills, memory, creativity, motor skills, listening, and much more!

Will and I had so much fun with the different activities but our favorite is the submarine, I mean how often do you get to go in a submarine? Each time we play we spend hours and Will does not grow tired of the game and has no idea that he is learning while playing.

The ESRB or Entertainment Software Rating Board has rated JumpStart Pet Rescue as Early Childhood.

Box Cover

Jump Start also has a blog to accompany their main site where you will find many updates and right now they are running a GIVEAWAY at their site enter HERE.

Be sure to look for JumpStart Pet Rescue at your local retail store or visit here to learn more. JumpStart surely combines fun with learning!