Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just in time for Valentine's Day..

The you rock my heart is new in my shop and is just in time for Valentine's Day. You can view it HERE.

Product details:

The You Rock My Heart necklace is a 3/4 inch sterling silver disc that has been handstamped in lowercase script font and includes a sterling silver electric guitar. Both charms hang on a 18 inch sterling silver bead ball chain.

You can view my entire collection at Kristen's Custom Creations.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Favorite Fictional Male Character....

Who is your favorite fictional male TV character?

I actually have several, Patrick Jane from the Mentalist, Michael Weston from Burn Notice and Jack Bauer from 24.

Visit Island Life for more Aloha Friday fun!

An Island Life

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love, Love, Love...

I (heart) pictures, the more frames the better!

I (heart) making paper Valentine's, it makes me feel like a kid again!

I (heart) Dove Dark Chocolate and rolos!

and I LOVE MY SON MORE, we say this back and forth to each other and it is the inspiration behind this piece.

What brings you JOY???


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sound effects included...well kinda

Can't you just hear Will making the Darth Vader breathing noise? I didn't realize I captured it until I later looked at the picture.

Star Wars brings back many fond childhood memories for me, at one point I really wanted Princess Leia cinnamon buns on each side of my head but never had hair long enough.

May the force be with you today friends!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ice, ice baby...

For a better view.

Some Jack Daniels

Go Red Wings!

And a Giraffe...

And my favorite a wine bottle and wine glass!

This past weekend we visited The Plymouth Ice Show and these are just a few of our favorites. It was very crowded but so nice to see the local businesses and restaurants hustling and bustling!

What did you do this past weekend?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Do you believe in Karma?

Karma: the concept of "action" or "deed", understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect or what goes around comes around.

Do you believe in Karma? Chime in one way or the other!

The hand stamped Karma necklace is new in the SHOP.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Peter Walsh It's All To Much Winner

The winner of the It's All Too Much prize pack is Erma and Erma said her kitchen is the messiest room.

Congratulations Erma, Happy organizing!

Friday, January 22, 2010

If I were famous....

If you could be famous what career would you pick? Singer, Actor, Athlete or just famous for being famous?

If I were famous I would pick singer, even though I am tone deaf and my 4 year old tells me to stop singing a girl can dream right?

TGIF friends!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Going stir crazy....

The past 5 days we have pretty much been stuck at home since Will has been sick, he has been fever free for 24 hours so he is on the mend. I get a little stir crazy and I know he does too. We did go through the McDonald's drive through just to get out of the house.

What do you do to prevent yourself from going stir crazy when you are stuck at home?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don't tell him it's January...

Beach hat and flip flops... somebody wants a vacation and he isn't alone!

It is only January and I am already done with winter!

Do you have any vacation plans in the near future?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finding Joy In.....

My afternoon tea in my favorite mug always brings me joy. Why does tea or coffee for that matter taste better in your favorite mug?

My Mom gave me this mug for Christmas and I love it, my Mom knows how much Will and I enjoy the book Guess How Much I Love You and that it is the inspiration behind the I Love You To The Moon And Back necklace in my shop. Meaningful gifts are extra special aren't they?

Sometimes it is hard to find JOY but when you really look for it you find it!

What has brought you JOY lately?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Giveaway and Review: It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh

When I was asked to review a copy of the DVD It's All Too Much, by Peter Walsh I was very interested since organizing is something I have personally struggled with in our home, and now that you add in an explosion of toys from our 4 year old it really has all become too much. You have probably seen Peter on television as he has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America and on TLC's show Clean Sweep.

What I really like about Peter's approach is that it is very, very simple. Peter first shows you how to declutter and then takes you room by room to offer tips as to how to keep everything in its place and then how to keep it that way. It is a simple approach and he truly motivated me to really tackle some of the clutter that I keep putting off. I also have a new perspective on what we bring into the house. I have always found decluttering good for my soul and now have a much easier approach.

Win it!!! One lucky winner will receive:

A copy of the newly released DVD, It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh.


A copy of the book, It's All To Much: So Get It Together, which is a book geared towards teens.

To Enter:

Leave a comment and tell me what the messiest room in your house is.

Extra entries: (please leave a comment for each extra entry)

Tweet about this contest (2 extra entries)

Follow me on Twitter (2 extra entries)

Follow my blog (1 extra entry)

Add my blog button (2 extra entries)

Contest closes on 1/23/2010 at 11:59 PM. Contest open to US Residents only. I received the same prize as the winner. Good Luck!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dean's Dip.... one word YUM!

Deans's Dip Dipstakes

In our house we are huge snackers.... and we especially love our dips! I was able to sample the Dean's French Onion Dip and in my opinion it is one of the best French Onion dips I have tasted. Dean's Dips are also available in Cheddar Cheese, Ranch, Honey Mustard,and Guacamole.

Dean's Dip is hosting their Dipstakes sweepstakes. Are you a Honey mustard loyalist, Guacamole diehard or an Onion Dip fanatic? Vote for your favorite dip and help them settle this once and for all! Everyone who votes will also be eligible for weekly prizes like free dip, a BBQ grill set or a home entertainment system.

You can find all the details to enter HERE.

Deans's Dip Dipstakes

Happy Snacking friends and remember no double dipping!

Friday, January 15, 2010

One of our favorites.....

Toy Story is one of our favorite movies to watch as a family and we can hardly wait for Toy Story 3 to come out this summer!

What is one of your favorite animated movies that you don't mind watching over and over again?

TGIF friends, I am thinking it is pizza and movie night for the family!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finding Joy Winner

The winner of the Finding Joy necklace giveaway is Ellie who was randomly selected and here is what brought her Joy: "My 23 month old grandson called me "gramma" for the first time. He's been just calling me mommy. It was so cute hearing him say that." eswright18 at gmail dot com

Congratulations Ellie!

Thank you to everyone who entered, I really enjoyed reading about what brought you joy!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Out of Will's gallery

Will took this picture of Kane and I. He loves to take pictures and even though the top of my head is cut off he said it is a "masterpiece" I actually like the picture since I don't have a lot of pictures of Kane and I.

Happy Wednesday friends!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finding Joy: Even in the cold

One of the things I am striving to do this year is find more JOY out of life. I don't have a long list of resolutions, I just want more JOY out of life! I am going to post each week about something that brought me joy, so if you want to join in please do so.

I really don't like the cold weather in Michigan but found great JOY sledding with Will and my hubby. I haven't done it in years and had so much fun. I especially loved seeing the excitement in Will. As soon as we hit the bottom of the hill he started running back up to go again and again.

What brought you JOY this week?

I am really enjoying reading all the comments on what has brought you JOY for the Finding Joy Necklace giveaway so if you want to earn some extra entries head on over here and leave me another comment about something that brought you JOY.

Monday, January 11, 2010

i believe....

in Angels.... do you?

And making snow angels until your heart is content!

The "i believe in angels" necklace is new in my shop, this piece can also be customized if you prefer to have a name stamped instead of "i believe". I think this would also make a very nice guardian angel piece, I think I may wear my Will disc with this sweet angel charm.

You can find the "i believe" necklace HERE.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Giveaway: YooHoo and Friends

Let me introduce you to some plush characters that are cuddly, adorable and are irresistible, oh and they make the most adorable little sounds. YooHoo and Friends by Aurora World Inc. are available online and also in thousands of retailers across the nation. They are appropriate for boys and girls, come in over 50 styles and even have holiday themes. YooHoo & Friends also has a free, interactive website with no activation codes. The site teaches about the animals in the YooHoo line and has a host of games, desktop wallpapers, coloring sheets and much more.

As you can see from the pictures below, Will is really enjoying his YooHoo & Friends. The minute they arrived he was so excited. He loves the sounds they make and said they are so soft and cuddly. Aren't they truly adorable?

Giveaway details:

Aurora has offered one of my lucky readers a gift pack of a few YooHoo and Friends with a retail value of approx. $20.

To Enter:

Please visit YooHoo and Friends and leave me a comment with the name of your favorite YooHoo plush.

Extra entries: (please leave a comment for each extra entry)

Follow my blog (2 extra entries)

Add my blog button to your site (4 extra entries)(code in left hand corner of my blog)

Tweet about this contest (2 extra entries)

Contest open to US Residents only. Contest will close on 1/17/10 at 11:59 PM. Once the winner is notified they will have 48hrs to respond otherwise a new winner will be chosen. This contest is sponsored by Auora and I received the items shown to review. The fulfillment of the prize will be handled by Auora World Inc.

Good Luck!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

I wish you could take yourself down.

Is your tree still up too?

I am hoping that we will have ours down by this weekend.

Happy Friday Friends! Please be sure to enter my Finding Joy Contest HERE. or click on the picture below.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I took one for the team...

Believe it or not we haven't really had much snow this year, I know I just jinxed us and now we are going to get dumped on in Michigan, sorry Michiganders! But one thing we have had is really cold temperatures.

Even though we don't have much snow it still needs to be shoveled. So, Will and I decided to do some shoveling, so hubby wouldn't have to do it in the dark. I really do not like the cold and often question why we all live in Michigan, but when you are 4 snow is something really fabulous. Will and I bundled up and took one for the team, well I took one for the team since Will loves the snow! Kane on the other hand didn't last very long, he wanted in after playing for about 5 minutes.

So tell me have you had much snow this winter?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Giveaway: Finding Joy Hand Stamped Necklace

My Journey to finding Joy................(and it includes a Giveaway!!!!!)

I didn't create a long list of resolutions this year but the one thing I am aiming to do is find more JOY, and that even includes the very small things in life. Each day passes by in warp speed so I want to relish some very simple moments. Perhaps I will find JOY in a perfect cup of coffee, a simple I love you from Will, giggling for no reason or a simple smile from a stranger. Each week I will share just one of my joyful moments here at my blog. To kick off my journey in finding joy I am offering my Joy necklace from my shop, Kristen's Custom Creations to one lucky reader.

Would you like a chance to win it?

Main Entry: Leave a comment with something that brought you joy this week.

Extra entries: (leave a comment for each extra entry)

Become a fan of Kristen's Custom Creations Facebook page HERE. (3 extra entries)

Follow me on Twitter HERE. (2 extra entries)

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Add my shop button to your blog (3 extra entries, code in upper left corner)

Add my blog button to your blog (2 extra entries, code in upper left corner)

This contest will close on January 13th at 11:59PM and is open to US Residents. Please ensure that I have a way to contact you if you are the winner. Once notified you will have 48 hrs to respond otherwise another winner will be chosen. Good Luck now go find some joy!

Look what I got for XMAS....and I am lovin it

Look what I got for XMAS.... A SNUGGIE and I am loving it. I have been secretly wanting one for a while so I was really excited to receive it. The best part.... it is pink, my favorite color. Now Will wants a Snuggie for kids.

Do you have a Snuggie yet?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nestle Holiday Giveaway Winner

All I can say is WOW, there were over 360 entries for the Nestle Holiday giveaway!
The winner of the Nestle Holiday giveaway is Kelly Thuet! Congratulations Kelly! Kelly sent me an email saying that she will be donating her prize to the dog rescue group she works with!

A special thank you to Nestle for sponsoring this giveaway.