Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How does your kiddos name rank in the top 10 and oh my gosh cute...

I think I read one time that picking out your child's name ranks as one of the most important decisions in your life. I know a lot of care went into picking Will's name out. We found it much easier to pick out girls names but boys names were a bit harder for us. When picking a name you want to make sure the name is strong and that they won't be made fun of for the name you picked. We would discuss names and veto it for one reason or another. It was kinda challenging.

The other funny thing I found is that people are really kinda secretive about what they will name their kids so that no one copies. I thought this was just a celebrity thing but it isn't.

So according to the Social Security Administration here are the top 10 boy and girl names for 2007. I was surprised to see William made the list when we named Will there really weren't a lot of Will's or Williams and his name didn't seem to make the "list"

Top 10 names for 2007
Boy / Girl
1. Jacob Emily
2. Michael Isabella
3. Ethan Emma
4 Joshua Ava
5. Daniel Madison
6 Christoper Sophia
7. Anthony Olivia
8. William Abigail
9. Matthew Hannah
10. Andrew Elizabeth

Note: Rank 1 is the most popular.

Is your kiddos name on the "list" and how did you decide on your kiddos name?

Ready for some OH MY GOSH CUTENESS? Below is a picture of my friends new baby. Let me introduce you to baby Abby (short for Abigail) isn't she the cutest and look at that hair! Proud Big Sis Grace liked her "Big Sis" necklace I made here. She even posed for me for a picture, you can't really see it but she really liked it.


Anonymous said...

Well, my daughter has the #1 name.
Abby what a beautiful baby.

Kellan said...

None of my kids' names are on that list - *sigh*. Adorable photos!

Have a good evening - Kellan

Rachael said...

Oh Kristen!! What great shots you got of Abby and Gracie! They are just so beautiful! Linda had told me you were going to post them on your blog site.

Too cute! I still like the whole 'Will and Grace' thing.

Thank you for posting that. I just love those two little girls :)

ali said...

My boys' names didn't make the list. It was so easy naming my first but it took us forever to decide on a suitable name for our second--I think we finally decided during the 8th month of pregnancy!

Carol Van Rooy said...

Too often when I was a child, there we're 2 jeff's, 2 chris's, etc.

Neither did we want a name so far out in left field that one needed to ask how to spell it, or so tame, your one of six with the same name in your class.

Instead we chose Dakota for our
11 yr old daughter and Dalton for our eight yr old son.

Do pop by and drop a line to say hello.

Kori said...

My oldest sons name is Jacob. We tend to call him Jacob Aaron though. Using that whole first and middle name thing. Gets his attention pretty good. :-P I chose his name because I didn't want him to be named a 3rd. And when I laid eyes on his cute little face I knew that Jacob was the name for him.

Talisman said...

My oldest made the top 10 list but that's what I get for naming him after someone who has a horribly common name -- Matthew. My #2 is up there someplace in the top 25 I think (Sean) but good ol #3 will NEVER be up there on the list. He got blessed like his mommy with a very unique name. I hope he grows to appreciate it as he gets older. His name is Ciaran (pronounced like Keer-in).