Thursday, June 5, 2008

Featured Organization for June

The featured organization for June is Resolve. You can visit their site at
Resolve is the National Infertility Association, which was established in 1974, it is a non-profit organization with the only established, nationwide network of chapters mandated to promote reproductive health and to ensure equal access to all family building options for men and women experiencing infertility or other reproductive disorders.
I selected Resolve since my husband and I had a very challenging time having Will. It took us 3 long years to have him and without resources like Resolve I am not sure how we would have made it through it.
Being someone who has personally dealt with infertility I can tell you it is a very painful process. I will say so far it has been the most challenging experience I have had in my life. As I am writing this it is stirring up some of the painful memories. What I found through my experience is that everyone handles it differently. I had a lot of anger at the world and felt so guilty feeling angry. What I discovered is that it is perfectly ok to be angry but how you handle the anger is what matters most. For me I had a very hard time when people would ask the dreaded question "When are you having kids?" and when others would get pregnant and say how it was an accident and that they couldn't believe it happened on the first "try". I know people don't ever mean to be hurtful but it was so painful and I would just keep praying that some day it would happen for us. You always think that once you want to have child it just happens. For many it is a long and challenging process. The hard part was trying to maintain some type of normalcy and not focus 100% of your thoughts on getting pregnant. This was very hard.
After seeing a highly recommend specialist and enduring several miscarriages we were finally blessed with our little guy. Having Patience is very hard and each day felt like an eternity.
I encourage anyone who is dealing with infertility or knows someone who is to reach out to resources like Resolve because you are not alone.
A portion of proceeds for each "Patience" necklace sold will be donated to Resolve to help assist them in the wonderful work they do.
The "Patience" necklace is available at

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JSP said...

I hope your story, and sharing resources like Resolve, will be an encouragement to others going through a similar situation.