Monday, December 15, 2008

Featured Reader: Let me introduce you to....

La Dolce Vita

Happy Monday friends! This past weekend was all work and no play making more jewelry than you can imagine! A special thank you to my blog friends who have made holiday purchases, your orders are being shipped today!!! (My little elf's helped too... Hubby kept Will very busy this weekend)

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On to the favorite part of my week, I have the pleasure of introducing you to my crafty blog friend Mary Lea of Pink and Green Mama. MaryLea is so darn crafty, you have to check out all of the cool things she does with her kiddos. Mary Lea's girls must have so much fun, as a kid I loved doing crafts more than anything. Grab a beverage of choice, sit back and get to know Pink and Green Mama.


MaryLea a.k.a. Pink and Green Mama


Fantastic Best Friend of a Husband, we’ve been together for 13 years, married for 10. He’s a cancer survivor (brain tumor) of 13 years. Beautiful and Hilarious little girls, The Frog Princess age 5 1/2 and Mini-Saurus 20 months old.

How did you start blogging?

I started this September on my oldest daughter’s first day of Kindergarten. I thought we could start a new adventure together.

If you are a parent do you have a parenting philosophy?

My parenting philosophy is... Do what works for your family. Be in the moment. Tune into your children, love them unconditionally, admit to your mistakes, do the best that you can. Make art every day. Have kid zones where your kids can get into everything and explore without getting into trouble (but also leave some areas of your home “grown up” it doesn’t have to look like a day care center.) Laugh every day. Enjoy the little things and don’t sweat the big stuff.

You will never find me without......

My wedding rings...they won’t go past my knuckle so I guess they’ll have to be cut off someday.
Other parts of my daily life: Fall-Winter jeans, layers, pony tail holder (if my hair’s not already in a pony tail I need to have the option to pull it back) chapstick or lipstick. Summer: tank tops, capris or tennis skirts, sun glasses as a headband, flip flops.

Day job:

Stay at home mom, Artist, Wife, Housekeeper, Waste Manager, Cook, Chauffeur, Family Paramedic, Environmentalist, Zoo Keeper, Free-Cycler, Blogger of Pink and Green Mama, Scrapbooker, Creative Memories consultant my site , Classroom Helper, Art in the Schools Docent. I also sell some of my work at my Pink and Green Mama Shop

Favorite Stuff:


Everything! Black Eyed Peas, Cold Play, The Police, Dave Matthews, Alanis Morisette, OK Go, Jack Johnson, Keane, Fall Out Boy, Depeche Mode, Weird Al Yankovic, Maroon 5, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Sheryl Crow.


Salad. Chocolate Chip Cookies. Apples. Mexican and Italian food.

Tv/ Movies:

I keep my TiVo happy: Project Runway, Oprah, The Shield, Rescue Me, 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy, Jon and Kate plus 8, The Office. Favorite movies include The Shawshank Redemption, Training Day, Steel Magnolias, anything with Mark Wahlberg (my back-up husband)


Favorite book: The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.. Also love Jodie Piccoult (all of them), The Twilight Series, Catherine Newman’s Waiting for Birdy and a healthy but ridiculous Magazine addiction.

If you had to wear a T-shirt with your favorite saying on it what would it be?

I own and wear my 4 favorite shirts regularly: “Obama 2008”, “Green Is Groovy”, “Mom Juice” pink with a wine glass, and “Carpool Fuel” chocolate brown with a small coffee cup.

Favorite stores to shop at:

Michaels, Target, Thrift Shop, Whole Foods, H&M, World Market.

Other Good Stuff from Pink and Green Mama:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. My family supports a single mother and her son through a non-profit charity called the Box Project. We send a box every month and exchange letters and photos. I highly recommend it as a way to make a difference in the world and personally help someone in need. Please visit The Box Project

A special thank you to MaryLea, please be sure to visit Pink and Green Mama's site.

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Anonymous said...

I love your interviews :) always so much fun and so many nice blogs and ladies :)

Pink & Green Mama said...

Kristen, Thanks so much for the kind words and featuring me! Love your jewelry - we crafty mamas have to stick together!!

Jennifer Cameron said...

I really enjoyed reading this feature! I checked out MaryLea's blog and it looks like some fun reading.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

That clay dough looks good enough to eat.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I seriously CAN'T WAIT to get those necklaces, Kristen!!!