Thursday, July 3, 2008

What does the word Freedom mean to you?

What does the word Freedom mean to you? The true definition is "the idea of being free". I think the word Freedom has many different meanings to different people. Sometimes I think we take for granted the many freedoms we have being Americans. I know there are times I take our freedoms for granted. Here are a few things that I am so grateful for:

Freedom of Speech. We may not always like what others have to say but it is our right to say how we feel and that is something some countries simply do not allow. If everyone said and thought the same things the world would be a very boring place to exist in.

The right to vote for all Americans. It is crazy that not that long ago women didn't have the right to vote.

The right to practice your religion of choice. As Americans it is our right to worship whomever and whatever religion we chose.

So as you celebrate the 4th of July stop and think about what freedoms you are grateful for.

What does the word Freedom mean to you?


Mommy Mentor said...

We do take so many freedoms for granted. After going to our parade last night and seeing all of the veterans, it actually made me sad to think of people not supporting our very own country. So - what freedom as I thankful in a democratic society where we still have the right to make our own choices.

Nice blog! Stopping in from the Mom Blog Network!

The Mom said...

You are amazing, this is beautiful! I wore my necklace all my vacay!