Sunday, July 13, 2008

Melt my heart....

What I love about kids is that they are so honest about their feelings. Even at a very young age they surely know who they like and what they want.
Will and Grace are the best of friends and when even just a week passes without seeing each other they are always so excited to see each other. It is sometimes those little moments where they say the most precious things. Here is their most recent conversation:
Grace: Hey Will I LOVE you buddy!
Will: Grace, I LOVE you!!!!
Grace: Hey Mom, Will is my best friend.
This all took place while they were sharing a great big bear hug!!! Gosh these two melt my heart!
Please share something precious your kiddo has said or done.


Boutique Flair said...

Awww, what a sweet pictures & those pure sweet hearts! Priceless.

One of my alltime favorites is when Connor was about 3 and said I looked like a princess when I was all dressed up & going out with hubby. *sigh*...those lil boys will get you every time!

ali said...

I love catching my boys telling each other "I love you." My oldest will get annoyed with his little brother and say it back very meanlike "WELL, I LOVE YOU TOO!" So funny!

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet, Well since my girls are older 9 & 7 they usually don't tell each other they love each other they mostly fight so when Er was at camp and Em & I went to see her they hugged each other really tight when we left.

Elizabeth Channel said...

My 6 and 8-year-old boys have been fighting since school ended but last week the 6-year-old went on a trip to the mountains with my parents. My 8-year-old was excited at first because he didn't have to share the bed, the TV or video games, but after about a day, he started saying things like "It's just no fun without Edward here. I miss him..." It's been refreshing to see him actually appreciate his brother.