Sunday, May 4, 2008

What do you call your Mother or Grandmother?

With Mother's Day just days away I thought it would be interesting to share the many different names my customers have for their Mom's and Grandma's. First I would like to share some information.
Did you know in the US the most common names used for Mother are Mom or Mommy. In the UK Mum or Mummy is most common. Mama is common in many countries but is considered "Mother" in Spanish. In South Asian cultures and the Middle East Amma or Oma are variations of Mother.
Here are a few different names for Mother and Grandma that my customers use:
GMA, Mimi, Namaw, Chi Chi, Didi, Grammy, and Nana just to name a few!
What do you call your Mom or Grandma?
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Erin said...

I loved my "grannie" so much!! These are wonderful necklaces, definitely high on the list for gift ideas!