Friday, May 23, 2008

I Love You More....

Will and I have a game we play where we go back and forth saying, "I love you" and one of us usually says "I love you more" and if I say it back he gets really serious and says, "No Mama I love you more". I know it is silly but every time we do it I think to myself that this is a moment I would like to keep forever. I have been asked where I find my inspiration for new designs well it is the little moments with Will that inspire me. I designed the "I Love You More" necklace as my reminder. I wanted this piece to be very unique so you will see that it has a new chain that I just love. The "I Love You More" necklace is available in my shop and was made with love!

The "I Love You More" necklace is a 1 inch sterling silver disc with the words "I Love You More" hand stamped around the outer edge of the disc. The sterling disc hangs on a beautiful chunky sterling silver 18 inch chain and includes an artisan crafted sterling silver heart. Artist note: The letters on this disc have been hand stamped one at a time. I do not use machines. The letters will not line up perfectly and are not meant to this is part of the charm that makes your piece one of a kind. No two pieces will ever be exactly the same. The charm has been slightly brushed and the letters have been oxidized/antiqued to make them stand out it will appear to be aged or slightly tarnished but has been given a good polish. Thank you for visiting Kristen's Custom Creations.All Designs COPYRIGHT Of Kristen's Custom Creations 2008.


ali said...

My 4 year old and I do the same thing! It's so precious!

Kelly said...

That is so sweet... :)

Laura Duksta said...

Hello Kristen,

I *love* your necklace! I was wondering if you and Will have the book, I Love You More. If you don't you may want to pick it happens to be a story of love shared between a mother and son (even though little girls love it too). I think you and Will will really enjoy it! And...I'm not just saying that because I'm the author ;-)
Have a bright and blessed lifetime!
Keep Shining!
Laura Duksta
author, NY Times Bestseller,
I Love You More

Pure Romance by Pam said...

My three year-old and I do that too :) Now it's changed to "I love you [insert color here]" Whatever color she uses is always 'more' than the one I did :)