Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ugly Betty Season Finale

**Update***This will be a spoiler if you haven't watched Ugly Betty yet! Ok so it was a cliffhanger for sure. Betty is leaving with her suitcases but we will have to wait all summer to see if she went to Rome w/ Gio or is going to marry Henry. I am crossing my fingers and toes it will be Gio. Marrying Henry is just all wrong. What is Daniel going to do now that he isn't editor? Did you like Amanda and Marcs cheer? Marc's socks were hilarious! Well I guess we will all have to wait until next summer to get answers ****

Have you seen the previews? I can't wait to see the season finale of Ugly Betty. It looks like there will be some real cliff hangers. I really have a love/hate relationship with cliff hangers. I love the suspense but can't stand waiting until next season to see what happens. Will Betty accept Henry's proposal or go to Rome with Gio? I am crossing my fingers she will pick Gio. Lindsay Lohan is making a cameo appearance tonight and poor Betty, Lindsay's character calls her a human shield! Daniel has a son??? What will Amanda and Marc be up to tonight? Don't you just love their one liners. They are so mean and since it is TV it is ok to laugh. What will Thursday nights be like with out Ugly Betty!

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Kelly said...

Cool another Ugly Betty fan! I heart that show!
I am totally rootin' for Gio (is that how you spell his name?)
anyway..they should get together. Can't wait! :)