Monday, May 12, 2008

Season Finale of Desperate Housewives is next week already!

Wow what an episode! So let's first talk about Edie trying to blackmail Bree once she found Bree is really a Grandma. Good for Bree for coming clean with her friends and not letting Edie have any power over her, you go girl. I love that Susan,Gaby, and Lynette all banded together to confront Edie that is what true friendship is. I love the scene where they are walking away with their backs to Edie and she is begging to be forgiven. I have read some spoilers that say the season is going to end up with a bang and that Edie is going to do something just horrible. So you think Edie is gone for good? She has run out of husbands and boyfriends to go after!

Ok now over to Katherine clearly her daughter isn't her daughter since she doesn't have any scars and doesn't remember anything from her childhood. Several episodes past there was a seen where she was crying in the upstairs bedroom and also at a tombstone did she accidentally kill her daughter? Who's child did she kidnap? And remember her husband said he couldn't forgive her once he learned the "Truth" about a murder well she didn't murder her Ex.

How are Gaby and Carlos going to handle having a drug dealer in their house and pretending to be her friend, you know Gaby will admit she is working with the police even though it will compromise the agreement Carlos has with them.

Susan and Mike had a boy he was clearly wrapped in a blue blanket but what will his name be? I think it will be really funny watching Susan mother a newborn since she gets frazzled so easily this should be really funny. I just saw a preview where Susan said the babies name is Maynard, that has to be a joke right???

I had to finish talking about Lynette's step daughter she is just pure evil and a smart little cookie and oh so manipulative accusing Lynette of abuse and manipulating the boys to burn down a restaurant. I just really felt for Lynette when everyone was telling her it was her. It would be so hard to deal with a child like that looks like Lynette is getting arrested in the previews. My goodness wasn't fighting cancer enough for her this season.

I love watching Desperate housewives for the humor and piecing it all together the writers are very clever and always have an answer for everything. I also love seeing all the clothes and jewelry they wear. I can't believe the season is already ending!


Genny said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I absolutely love your jewelry. That one "Proud Mom" neckace is great! I'll have to visit your shop.

Lis Garrett said...

I just posted about Desperate Housewives on my blog, too! Couldn't get Kayla out of my mind. What a piece of work, eh?

PS - Found you via Mom Bloggers Club!