Saturday, April 25, 2009

Product Junkie Approved: L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner

Now that it is finally warm in Michigan it is time to start working on the tan. The days of baking in the sun with baby oil are long gone, what was I thinking? I like a bit of a glow with out damaging my skin and like to use self tanners. There are many that I like but the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner gives you a nice glow with out a streaky mess, since it is tinted you can see where you a putting it.

Here are a few tips for applying self tanner.

1. Before applying exfoliate your skin and dry your skin thoroughly before applying your tanner.
2. I like to apply some moisturizer before applying the self tanner
3. Go really light on your knees and elbows and the tops of your feet and careful around your ankles.
4. Let it dry before putting your clothes back on a robe works great.
6. If you don't like he smell of self tanner apply before going to bed or after application and once dry apply a moisturizer that smells really nice.

I don't like using self tanners on my face and usually just use bronzers.

Do you have a favorite self tanner?


kimert said...

Love the Sublime! The Sublime wipes are excellent too! I was going to mention them on my blog, but haven't gotten around to that. :)
I'm a fake baker from way back but since turning 30 I've decided self tanners are a better alternative. Thanks for posting this.

jenjen said...

That IS my favorite tanner! I use Vaseline's gradual one most of the time. But when the hot weather hits and I need to wear shorts or a bathing suit, I break out the Sublime Bronze. It's great if you need a dark tan NOW. I also like the Loreal Sublime self tanner without the bronzer. It is good if you want to build up a dark tan within a few days. I have them both. I also like the one they make that's just for the face. And I also have tried their towelettes and the spray on version.

Can you tell I am pasty white and will do anything for some color. LOL. Sorry to go on and on!


City girl turned Country Girl said...

Hey Kristen, I have something for you over at my blog, go check it out!!

Anonymous said...

Cool, I kind of don't use them! But I may try this one :)