Thursday, August 14, 2008


I remember the time I worried about if Will was talking enough. I even made a list of all of the words he said so I could see if he was talking enough. Looking back I feel a bit silly. I think as any new mom we worry that our kid isn't doing the things they "should" be. You see it was triggered by one of those moms in a play group that was saying her 1 year had the largest vocabulary on the planet. I really wish moms didn't have to compare their kids so much, as I have realized each kid for the most part develops at their own pace.

Now Will doesn't stop talking and says some of the funniest things. I thought I would share a few, keep in mind he is just over 2.5 years old.

Will: "Mama why are you cleaning, are my friends coming over?" We really do clean often, not sure why he only noticed it this past weekend.

Will: "Mama today I am going to call you Kristen" Hey at least he knows my other name.

Will: "Ah Mama you are sweet like my candy!" I had just given him a piece of candy for being really good at the grocery store.

Will: "Mama you are strong like a monster" I am not sure if this should be taken as a compliment, but it is funny.

Will: "Mama the Mickey store is locked forever and ever!" The local mall closed our Disney Store and for some reason he wanted to tell me that this morning.

Do you have something funny your kiddo has said? Where do they get these things?


The Jillybean said...

I love your blog! Thanks for stopping in to visit and hope you stop by again.

Channah said...

Aww! I like the "strong like monster" comment! That's so cute!

Anonymous said...

Aww he says the cutest little things. My girls also say who's coming over, when I clean.

Kelly said...

cute! my son is only 1, but my neice asked me about 3 months after i gave birth why my tummy didn't go down yet.

ali said...

Cute! My oldest went through a phase a few years ago when he called me by my first name!

Clare said...

Oh, I LOVE that you wrote down all of his words. That makes me feel better. I just did the same thing for Bradley's last appointment and it was because of other moms saying how much their kiddos said.

Apryll said...

Ahhh how cute. I don't have kids, but I have my neices and nephews a lot. One time my nephew told me this after complaining how full he was and 5 minutes later asking for ice cream: "Auntie, food goes to your front side and ice cream goes to your backside. My belly is full, but my backside is still empty." haha. Who can argue with that logic? He was probably about 4 at the time.

Stylish Stitches said...

We were at the drive thru at McDonalds and Katelyn ordered a "Happy Email" instead of a Happy Meal. I'm still laughing about that one.