Thursday, August 7, 2008

Are you a red light runner?

Yesterday I almost received a parking ticket for blocking the city sidewalk at my parents house. I was shocked and angry that you can get a ticket for briefly leaving your car across a sidewalk. I guess I knew you could receive a ticket but didn't think a police officer would actually give you one. Lesson learned. I decided since I was given a "warning" it is my civic duty to raise public awareness, this is kinda like my community service.
Did you know that every year there are around 171,000 crashes caused by running red lights and of those 887 people lost their lives in 2006 due to red light runners. These crashes also cost the public 14 billion dollars a year. You can learn more about how you can help The National Campaign To Stop Red Light Running.
So the next time you are at a traffic light DO NOT RUN IT, it could cost you your life or someone elses. And when you are sitting at a green light wait a few seconds before proceeding, just in case someone decides to run a red light. I always wait a few seconds before I go and get so annoyed when other drivers honk for me to go, you see it wouldn't be them getting hit, it would be me.
So my tip of the day is Drive carefully and remember RED means STOP!
Do you have a safety tip?


JenniBeanV said...

Seat belts, seat belts, seat belts! It is always surprising to me when I hear someone is injured in a car accident because they didn't have theirs on! Buckle Up!

Keep It Classy, Jen said..., hold your childrens hands when walking across the street! Nothing annoys me more than when parents(usually those with a baby and toddler)just let there children walk alone...COME ON PEOPLE. I know kids do not come with a manual, but really!

laurie b said...

HOLY CATS! You are asking The QUEEN of safety tips. Five years ago, my youngest son was a passenger in a car, did NOT have his seatbelt on, and took a direct right side passenger hit by a propane truck. He broke his neck in FOUR places, almost lost his ear, had a crushed scapula, and many broken teeth.
I ALWAYS made my children buckle up!! (wish I could underline that!) He "hopped" in the car of a friend for a three block car ride.

TIP NUMBER TWO: My OLDER son was in a car accident last August 19th.
If you are living in the midwest, during corn season, stop at ALL four way intersections on the country roads regardless of whether there is a stop sign or not! (wish I could underline that about five times also!)
He was hit by a pickup truck, his car roll three times and he had bleeding in his brain, was in intensive car for several days.
TO THIS DAY, when ANYONE walks away from me to get into their car I automatically say, "put your seatbelt on"
I don't care if they are one or 91, I say it......
It's one BIG way to say "I love you"......
And yes, both of my boys are alive, well and made recoveries. Not full recoveries, but recoveries....but by the grace of God.....With much gratitude for this post! You probably saved countless lives....Laurie B.

laurie b said...

Oh, and PS....
My older son DID have his seatbelt on....he would have been dead otherwise. The sheriff's dept. said they were amazed he was even alive WITH the seatbelt on. On August 19 I will be posting a picture of the car and story. Kristine, you are really amazing! Your ability to take something negative, and turn it into a positive is SUCH a gift! With gratitude A-gain, Laurie

Anonymous said...

I have to agree Seat Belts are a must. Another is don't follow to closly behind another car.

Good N Crazy said...

In New Jersey honking is just normal driving. But here in Utah, people only honk to say HI. Which is totally annoying, cuz honking can be a real safety tool! As in, honk, honk OHMYGOSH you are weaving into my lane...and instead they think you know them and thew swerve even closer to take a look!

I got a 'warning' too once for the sidewalk parking thing?? Weird.

I guess I'd have to say cell phone use in cars. Just say no.

scargosun said...

*hanging head in shame*

I ran one today and I know better as I was in an accident once that way many years ago.

GpawLP said...

STAY OFF CELL PHONES! especially when your children are riding with you! If you have to make a call pull over. Never back out of a parking place while on the cell phone. Use the time you would have used while on your cell phone to have chat time with your children!

smiles4u said...

Totally agree on the seat belt thing...when my youngest son was in an accident almost 2 years ago, wearing his seatbelt is what saved him.
Also, don't allow children to run in parking lots and also drive slow in parking lots because you never know when a child is going to dart out from between cars!

ali said...

I wish everyone would learn that we share the road. A little courtesy goes a long way and may even save a life.

JSP said...

I'm also very cautious about going through amber (yellow) lights. I was pulled over one night for going through one and the officer gave me a warning. I'm hesitant to go through one now (as my husband just shakes his head in the passenger seat).
Car seat safety-I ALWAYS make sure my son knows that the car does not move until he's buckled in. Thankfully, he doesn't have a problem buckling in; I just want him to know what a priority safety is for us.

Jules said...

A really great tip.

My parents were hit by a guy running a red. And he denied running it, even though there were tons of witnesses. Sad.
Their car was totalled and they are still going to physio - 4 months later.

So I'm with you...... running reds is a really bad thing.

Ginny said...

My very first car got totaled by someone running a red light.

Sage and Savvy said...

Seat belts, of course, but another big one, especially here in Hawaii, is no tailgating! Be sure to leave enough room between you and the car in front of you (it amazes me how many accidents are caused that way).

Carol said...

I thought you were going to say all these statistics about people who park across the street and block the sidewalk.

I think red could be a bit late. Yellow is a good time to get on the brakes. I see so many red lights run, but have never seen a police around to catch it. Maybe they're all at your parents' house?

Nobody honks in Texas.

Hang up the phone and drive! (another one that needs to be underlined a dozen times.)

Posey said...

SEAT BELTS! Please wear your seat belt AND get your children in the habit. Also, I don't care what anyone says, you cannot concentrate and drive at the same time -- so put down the cell phones.