Thursday, April 3, 2008

Make a wish...


Immeasurable wishes come

W isdom for better decisions
I nfluencing all for better
S unny brighter days to enjoy
H ealthy life style for yourself

Y ellow flowers with little haze
O range mums to brighten your fall days
U pright and good citizenship

M oments of pleasure to delight
U nderstanding and faithfulness
C heerfulness and true gratefulness
H ear what is truly being said

H ealth, for you continuously
A nniversaries, many ones
P atience, always for others
P iety, true love for the Lord
I nterest, in each other's lives
N imbleness, in body and mind
E nthusiasm, for every day
S tability, in mental attributes
S ecure, economically


Anonymous said...

Wow!! there are two handsome leading men types, right out of central casting!! they must both have great genes!!! :)

Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree with anonymous any more if i tried - but as the mom and grandma - i am totally biased!! they are adorable.