Monday, March 10, 2008

Daylight savings time....

Gosh who would know moving the clocks forward an hour would be such a big deal. Well when you have a toddler it is! First we were late for gymnastics since we just couldn't get out the door and then Will went down for his nap at 3pm! Well it will probably take a week to get use to the new time change. I can't wait to see what time he goes to bed! :) At least it will now stay light out until after 7pm!
To learn more about daylight savings time check out


Anonymous said...

What an adorable picture Kristen! LOVE it@ Ah yes, I remember when my boys were young. The time change can be, shall we say, "interesting" they are all grown up and I LOVE the extra sunshine! Enjoy that sweet little boy! He looks like a really peanut! Thanks for sharing, Lauriebethbeggin Oh, and you can rss to my blog now!

Crazy Daisy said...

thanks for the blog roll add!

I agree that loosing an hour is a big deal! When I got up this morning, it felt like a good day to stay in bed :-)