Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Live in the moment...

You hear people always say "Live in the moment!" But what does that really mean?
To me it means to take a breath, slow down and soak in those little moments with friends and family. I find it very hard to slow down and when I am trying to slow down I am just thinking of all of the things I need to do. I created this necklace as a reminder to myself that I need to slow down, take a breath and live in the here and now!
What do you do to ensure that you are living in the moment?
The "Live in the moment" necklace is available at my shop
The "Live In The Moment" necklace is teardrop that is 1 inch long by 3/4 of an inch at it's widest point. The charm has been hand stamped with "Live In The Moment" and hangs on a 18 inch sterling silver bead/ball chain and includes a freshwater pearl that has been hand wire wrapped. Artist note: The letters on this pendant have been hand stamped one at a time. I do not use machines. The letters will not line up perfectly and are not meant to this is part of the charm that makes your piece one of a kind. No two pieces will ever be exactly the same. The charm has been slightly brushed and the letters have been oxidized/antiqued to make them stand out it will appear to be aged or slightly tarnished but has been given a good polish. Copyright Kristen's Custom Creations 2008.


The Mom said...

Be thankful for everyday. Time flies way too fast.

scargosun said...

I think this is my favorite one yet! It is going to be my new mantra. I may have to scoot over and buy it. :)

SunEGrl said...

This totally fits me. I love it!