Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guilty Pleasure..... TV

If I have just one guilty pleasure it has to be watching TV before bed.   I have so many favorite shows such as Revenge, The Good Wife, Blue Bloods, Downton Abbey,  and Friday Night Lights,  but the show Scandal has to be my top pick right now.  The shows creator Shondra Rhimes doesn't disappoint her fans at all.  I love a story line that has a bit of mystery that keeps you coming back, some romance and then Olivia (Kerry Washington) the main character is such a strong female character.  Olivia is a "fixer" yet her own life is a bit of a mess; I guess you could call an affair with the president a messy situation. I also like how the show spends a lot of time in the "White House" you get to see what it may be like, even the first lady's closet made it into a scene. If you don't watch this show already you really must.  I watched the entire first season on Netflix over Christmas break and am now hooked.  I hope this show sticks around for a very long time. 

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