Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Never Give Up!!

Renee Ross and Nancy O'Dell

Do you need a little motivation? I know I did and I found it from my long time bloggy friend, Renee of Cutie Booty Cakes. Renee has been on a journey to get healthy by eating well and exercising. Renee had mentioned several times that she was using the wii active and it motivated me to purchase it. I really do like to exercise but make every excuse to avoid it. Now I find I look forward to my workouts, did I just say that? I find the wii active fun, challenging and man do I feel it the next day. I also have to say if I went a day without doing it and saw that Renee burned 500 calories it motivated me to get my butt working out!

I wanted to create something special for Renee, so I created the Never Give Up Necklace, and guess what Renee is giving one away at her site HERE.

Be sure to stop on over and say hello to Renee you won't be disappointed, she is a true inspiration!


Jo said...

We LOVE the Wii, so much fun!!

I just saw the "every picture tells a story" necklace!! IT is so on the top of my wish list!! Very cute!!

Cheryl Oz said...

inspiration at it's best! :o)

Amy said...

that is so neat... Is that you in the picture?

Kristen Andrews said...

Amy I only wish that was me, that is Nancy O'Dell, Renee hob knobs w/ so many celebs, so jealous!

Ali said...

I saw this on Renee's site--she is such an inspiration! What a great collaboration!

Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME!!!!!