Friday, November 7, 2008

Fashion Friday: The New Black

The New Black Gray by klacustomcreations

Do you find yourself in a color rut? Never knowing which hue is best for you, so you end up going with your old faithful and just buy another pair of black shoes or another black handbag? I find when I am in doubt I also go for my old faithful, but lately I find myself reaching for shades of gray. Gray has become the new black.

What is fabulous about the color gray is that it is neutral and goes with just about anything. It also pulls less color from your skin, which makes it a perfect hue for fall and will take you well into winter.

You use to only find gray items mostly in womens suits and wool overcoats, but now gray has spilled into accessories, handbags, shoes and you can even find leather that has been dyed gray.

Break out of your color rut and update your wardrobe with a shade of gray, it is a neutral that will surely make you shine.

Product details for your inspiration:

Anne Klein Short Puffer Coat

Ficcare Wide Metal Headband

Kashmere Fringe Wrap

Kenneth Cole Reaction Arc Tote

DKNYC Fallon Sneakers

Ethereal Henley

Shopping tip: When buying classic wardrobe items opt for high quality and look at these items as investments. The trendier items you should look for a bargain as the trend may fade fast.

Be sure to look for Linda Seller's upcoming article on all things that are blue.

Article written by Kristen of Kristen's Custom Creations originally published at Beautiful Fabulous.

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Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I remember years ago - in 2000 when I was speaking to an older gentleman and he was so proud of himself for knowing that grey was the new black. It is nice to see that grey is again becoming a standby. Actually I don't know that it ever left!

angie said...

Gray also doesn't show dog hair like black does!

I've seen some really pretty gray nail polish too.

Anonymous said...

Some of those things could work :) I seem to have so much black and gray (darker) and brown ugh my closet is so dark LOL
Have a wonderful weekend :)

Anonymous said...

I always stick with Black but I do have a few grey pants and sweaters.