Saturday, March 28, 2009

Product Junkie Approved: Guilt Free Desserts!

Do you know what I love about the Candy Soap Collection, $25, from Bath Desserts? I love each and every scent, unlike the experience you can have with a box of chocolate. I find a box of chocolate sometimes disappointing as I typically only enjoy a few flavors, that isn't the case with the Candy Soap Collection. You won't be sorry with each piece of candy soap. I also love that they are 100% natural and are loaded with Hemp seed oil which is one of the most nutrient dense plant oils found on Earth, the soaps are non-greasy and have the perfect amount of lather. These soaps are so good it will be hard for you to share.

Product yummies:

The Candy Soap Collection caters to every dessert lovers fantasy! It is the first soap collection to turn soap into a sensuous, calorie-free indulgence! The collection is sold in an authentic candy box and includes nine miniature bars of soap. Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, your skin will feel soft and moisturized after using each delicious handmade hemp soap miniature. These beautiful guest soaps are a one of a kind treat!

9 delicious scents:

Lavender Oatmeal
Fresh Citrus
Totally Peppermint
Sweet Gardenia
Linden Blossom
Tea Party
Lemon Aloe
Peach Tea

If you are looking for a very Dolce (sweet) bath experience you will not be sorry with the Candy Soap Collection. Please also visit Bath Desserts to see other yummy goodies for a truly luxurious bath experience.

The Candy Soap Collection is Product Junkie Approved!!!

Bath Desserts is kindly extending a special discount to La Dolce Vita Readers, use code CandySoaps to receive 20% off your order. This offer is good from March 28th through April 11th.


WhisperingWriter said...

Wow, they look amazing!

I'd nearly be tempted to eat one, they look so good.

Betty said...

These are great for mommy's, nice way to help us relax. Oh wow the Peach tea & Lavender sound great. Not a bad price either. :)

Jennifer said...

How adorable! Quit making me want to buy everything! ;-)

Cinnamon said...

Oooooh! My kind of yummy soaps. Very cool! Definitely going to check them out. Great pic!
Have a great weekend Kristen! :)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Those look great - and sound yummy! ;) I had to laugh at Jennifer's comment - because you're making me want to buy everything, too! LOL! ;)

Dawn said...

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Anonymous said...

Cool they really look good :)thanks for sharing!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

That sounds very nice. Be careful when you smell like candy you might end up expecting! LOL

Anonymous said...

Those are the prettiest soaps I've seen in a long time!