Friday, January 16, 2009

Fashion Friday: Color=Message

Color your mood
Color your mood by klacustomcreations

Did you know the color you pick to wear could be sending a non-verbal message?

Green: The color of nature, refreshing and easy on the eye.
Pink: The most tranquilizing color and a very romantic color.
Blue: Tranquil and calming, releases calming chemicals in the brain
Black: A color that evokes authority and power.

Do you have a favorite color.

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Proud Mommy said...

Right now it's black....the most slimming. I also like pink and pale yellow

Anonymous said...

When it comes to clothes I like black or brown, anything else I love yellow! Hmmm weird message I'm sending LOL

I have 5 awards for you!

angie said...

The only message I plan on sending when I wear black is that I hope this color hides my muffin top!

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Elisabeth said...

My favorite color to wear is black. You have received an award from me on my blog!

Tiff said...

I like purple but i only have two shirts in purple.

Kristen Andrews said...

black is one of my fav colors also esp for handbags, shoes and pants and yes it is a very slimming color!

Jenni Jiggety said...

My favorite is purple!

Anonymous said...

I love navy blue...I wonder what that means!

Bella Casa said...

My tastes always change but right now I seem to be an aqua gal ;)

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Hope to see you there!