Friday, November 21, 2008

Fashion Friday: For The Twilight Lover

For The Twilight Obsessed by klacustomcreations

Twilight the movie makes it's debut today and every fashionista needs some Twilight inspired items to make the movie experience even more enjoyable. Come on you know you want to sport the "Bite Me" T-shirt.

If you would like to read the rest of this article please visit Beautiful! Fabulous! where I am a weekly fashion contributor.

So tell me have you been bitten by the Twilight phenomenon?


Anonymous said...

Cool...all I need is a Bite Me t-shirt LOL

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Absolutely! I am a twilight mom but not a fanatic. I did buy Breaking Day the day it was released (but I did not attend the midnight party).

Jenni Jiggety said...

I have been bitten FOR SURE!

Tena said...

I sure have!!
I love me some vampire hotness! That goes for Edward of Twilight, and Bill Compton on HBO's True Blood!

angie said...

That is such a cute tshirt! Definitely a Twilight fan here, just not so much as to brave the crowds at the theaters.