Thursday, January 15, 2009

Special of the day! Limited time only price get it while you can!

The handstamped "Hammered Mommy Necklace" is one of my stop sellers. This necklace can be personalized to your specifications. In honor of my blogoversary I am offering it for $35 for a limited time only, normal retail is $42. Get yours while it lasts.... which won't be long. Please visit Kristen's Custom Creations.


Frugal Mama ~It's as easy as cake & I'm as sweet as icing~ said...

That is sooooo cute. Great job!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am now following you.

Cstargel said...

Hey Kristen! I just wanted to let you know I received my necklace (Lawson Andrew & Annie) and I LOVE IT! I will go in an leave you good feeback on etsy but also wanted to ask if you minded if I added your blog link to my blog? I know alot of people would love your stuff and I'd love to show it off! Just let me know! I didn't want to do it without your permission! Thanks!