Saturday, September 13, 2008

One of the things I like about Saturday's

No it isn't actually reading the paper it is the shiny, slicky ads! I love grabbing a cup of coffee and pulling out the slicky ads. I always put them in the order I would like to look at them and if there is a Toy's R Us slicky give it to Will, as that is his favorite slicky. Take a guess which slicky ad is my favorite? If it isn't in the paper, I am seriously bummed!!!

I am truly gratful for a very reliable paper delivery person (trying to be pc as I have never actually seen my paper person) that paper just magically appears on our porch come rain, shine or snow.

What is your favorite thing about Saturaday's?


The Mom said...

My favorite part of Saturday's is that hubby is home to help out! Have a lovely weekend!

ali said...

My new favorite thing to do on Saturdays is sleep in a couple of hours (the boys spend the night with grandparents on Fridays), hop on the motorcycle with hubby, browse the farmers market and head to starbucks.

I raid my mom's ads on Sunday mornings!

JenniBeanV said...

I LOVE the ads! Puffy heart love! We don't get ours until Sunday mornings though!

scargosun said...

Coffee outside with yogert, honey, granola and fresh fruit. YUM!

kari and kijsa said...

Thanks for the e-mail! we would love to learn more!!!

kari & kijsa

JSP said...

Your favorite slicky? I'd guess Macy's or Target...mine has become Target. Nolan and I like to look through the Meijer circular together and play "I Spy," seeing if he can spot different food items or name things he'd like to see go on the grocery list.

Favorite part of Saturday? My hubby is taking a class right now so my son and I try to find something out of the ordinary to do.

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing on Saturday's is being able to sleep in, then getting up and fixing a wonderful breakfast and all of us sitting down together without the rushing around like the other mornings.
I too love the sale ads but I read them on Sundays.