Friday, September 26, 2008

Fashion Friday: Simply Charming

Since I was a little girl I have always had a love for jewelry and charm bracelets have always been one of my favorite accessories. A charm bracelet can tell a story since you can find a charm to symbolize just about anything you can imagine.

Charm bracelets have been worn for decades and will continue to be adorned on many women's wrists. Many decades ago people wore charm bracelets to ward off evil spirits. In Ancient Egypt they were used to bring good luck. Queen Victoria wore them as a fashion statement and they then began being worn by the European noble classes. During World War II soldiers brought home charms as trinkets for their loved ones. In the 50's and 60's teenagers would wear charm bracelets to record events in their life. Even though the charm bracelet has evolved over time they have remained a timeless staple accessory.

If you ask a woman about her charm bracelet she may have a story. The next time you see someone wearing a charm bracelet ask them if the charms have any significance, you may just learn something new about that person.

Take a peek at the above charm bracelets:

Tiffany Lock Charm with Blue Enamel

Juicy Couture Fleur De Lis

Butterfly Chain Bracelet

Lucky Vegas Charm Watch Bracelet

Judith Ripka Key To My Heart Bracelet

Do you have a charm bracelet? Does yours tell a story?

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michelle @ sweet mady's said...

I love my charm bracelet. It is just simple and sweet. A charm for each of my three children.

Joelle said...

Thanks for these links.
I LOVE them all.
however I know my oldest daughter will want it more. A great Christmas gift. wich one though. Such a great selection.
Thank YOU!
Have a gReat weekend!
Joelle XO

Mekhismom said...

I do have a charm bracelet. It is a white gold link chain with a single boy charm adorned with diamonds. A gift for the birth of my son.

Anonymous said...

I love charm bracelets, I have my moms from when she was a teenager. I also love James Avery charm bracelets. You can never have too many charms.

msjazzyfresh said...

I love that Juicy bracelet! I have a classic Tiffany bracelet I've been wearing since 2002 when my eldest son was born, and then one from junior high with all of the charms for the different years until my h.s graduation.

Anonymous said...

Kristen, You have something waiting for you at my blog!

Genny said...

Love charm bracelets!

Have a great weekend, Kristen!

Jenni Jiggety said...

I do love them...but I don't own one!