Friday, June 27, 2008

A Solution for BAD HAIR Days

Why is it that a bad hair day can just ruin everything? When you have a great hair day everything just seems to fall in place. My hair goes completely straight if there is any humidity so I need something to combat those BAD HAIR Days!!!

The Solution........ A Bebesniklefritz headband!!!

I have been on a quest for the perfect head band for many years and finally found it at What is great about these headbands is that they have a Velcro closure and are reversible. I purchased two headbands and LOVE THEM! Both headbands were custom made with fabrics I hand picked. The fabrics I chose are Amy Butler, anyone who knows me knows that I am crazy for anything Amy Butler these days.
They also have head bands for little girls. You have to stop by their shop.

So tell me how do you combat BAD HAIR Days? Do BAD HAIR DAYS affect you as much as they affect me??


Anonymous said...

I think that is why I have kept my hair short over the last couple of years so I don't have to mess with having a bad hair day. I just put a headband in it and go. I will have to check out their website cute headband. have a wonderful weekend.

scargosun said...

I NEED to get to that site. I love the fabric you chose!

ali said...

Oh how I wish my hair would go straight when it's humid--it curls up in a frizzy mess!

Genny said...

I usually just put my hair up in a clip on bad hair days, but I like this head band better! So cute!

lonestar818 said...

The headband looks great :)