Monday, June 30, 2008

Let's Chat Army Wives 6/30/08 **Spoiler if you haven't seen it**

So did you watch Army Wives last night? Wow Joan already has a baby bump. Don't you love how on TV a woman's pregnancy seems to only last a few weeks. Wouldn't it be nice if that were the case.
So lets recap some of the highlights:
Roxy took a job just briefly handling scrimp (yuck I can only imagine how smelly that would be) But don't worry she is now in charge of rebuilding the Hump Back bar for Betty. What do you think should they rebuild it? Trevor is a hero, shot but coming home soon. Did you see the previews looks like he has some PTSD. I read somewhere that Drew Fuller who portrays Trevor doesn't always like playing the nice guy. He said he wants his character to do something bad and quit being so perfect. Come on Drew we like the nice guy!
Denise is riding her motorcycle and wants to keep it and her hubby doesn't approve.
Claudia Joy is as usual handling everything with grace and both her and Michael are doing their best to try and move forward. This week it focused more on Michael's grief. What I love about this show is that they don't focus just on the women and also give us well developed male characters.
Rowland is getting a substitute teaching job since he wants to help the young since "they still have a chance"
Well I think I covered it all! I can't wait until next week. Have you started watching Army Wives yet?


smiles4u said...

Yes, I do watch Army Wives and yes watched last night. I look forward to watching on Sunday evenings...after the weekend I am usually in the mood to relax and wind down while watching it.

Jenn said...

Love, Army Wives !!!