Monday, June 2, 2008

Did you know or do you even care....

I was watching the news this morning and learned something new. I didn't know that it was Yves Saint Laurent that reworked the rules of fashion for women. Laurent introduced Pant Suits which I think for any professional woman is the best thing since sliced bread. Can you believe that when I began my professional career in 1995 that pant suits still were not being worn in my office. I remember walking in with my new pant suit on and was told "Kristen we don't wear pant suits in this office" I was so appalled that I continued to wear pant suits and felt like such a rebel. Little did I know that it was Laurent who created this fab trend. I think pant suits really level the playing field for women in the work force. A special thank you to Yves Saint Laurent for breaking the "rules"
P.S. Why does it take someone passing for us to learn more about their legacy.

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Boutique Flair said...

I haven't popped over by your blog in awhile. I enjoyed your updates, including this. I didn't see this until yesterday in a blog. I'll have to check out those candles you got for your Bday. I hadn't heard of them. Love the new LOVE necklace!