Thursday, January 10, 2008

This is all new for me!

This really is all new for me. I never knew what blogging was until I stumbled across a few blogs and really enjoyed reading them so a friend suggested that I start my own blog. I am glad it is a new year and we are finally getting back into a bit of a schedule, Will my two year old starts back up with his classes next week (mommy and me classes) which is always a lot of fun I am also in the process of launching my custom hand stamped jewelery business so things are very busy but oh what a sweet life, that is what "La Dolce Vita" means the sweet life in Italian. Well today my goal is to get my file box in order for 2008!


ellwood1 said...

A great looking Blog Kristen! and a great looking grandson too!! Good luck on the business .....G'paw LEE

molly said...

Your blog is fun. Your really capture the heart and soul of people in your jewelery. It is like having the love of the person that gives you the jewelery with you where ever you go in life. What a beautiful way to express life. Nice work!