Saturday, January 12, 2008

Best seat in the house!

Kane and Will are the best of pals as you can see from the pic. We rescued Kane from Regap which is a wonderful group that is made up of hundreds of volunteers that give the hounds a second chance, unfortunately once a greyhound no longer races (usually around 3 yrs. old) they are no longer of use to their owners so they are in desperate need of a home so groups like Regap find foster homes until they can be adopted into a new home. Greyhounds are one of the sweetest breeds of dogs and make wonderful pets. I could go on and on regarding why you should rescue a hound so I will save it for other posts since I am passionate about rescuing a hound but for more details visit Regap's site for . Kane is now 7yrs old and sleeps most of the day!

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