Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Favorite Warm Winter Coat Northface Metropolis

It gets really cold in Michigan, and I don't do well with cold.  When I pick Will up from school we have to wait in the cold on the playground so a few years ago I bought a Northface Metropolis coat and it still continues to be my favorite warm coat.  I really didn't want to give into the Northface trend,  and  I didn't want to be running around town with the same coat as everyone else, but the coat is very warm.  This year I was in the market for another down coat and I tried a few different brands but came back to the Northface Metropolis again, this time I  got it in Graphite Grey.   I found the best price at Zappos HERE.  I highly recommend this jacket and it isn't bulky and won't make you look like a puffy marshmallow.  

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laurabeth1976 said...

I love this type of Winter Coat. I just got a great deal on one of these from Burlington Coat Factory. I got a great deal on it. It was about $50 less than I've seen it for in the other stores.