Monday, June 14, 2010

Strawberry Poppy seed Salad.....Yum

My friend made this delicious salad for me and it is my new favorite so I had to share the LOVE! This salad is like a special treat and the dressing is what really makes it delicious.

Strawberry Poppy seed Salad:

Romaine Lettuce
Bree cheese (I also have used mozzarella and swiss and liked it just as well)
Strawberries sliced
Grilled Chicken (optional but I prefer it with Chicken)
Brianna's Poppy seed Dressing

I like to use my salad scissors and cut up my romaine, cut the cheese of choice into small pieces, cut the strawberries, cut the grilled chicken toss all ingredients and then drizzle on some Briana's Poppy seed dressing, toss again and serve! It couldn't be more simple and it is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

P.S. I love the Briana salad dressings and haven't found one yet that I don't like.


Sandy said...

I love that dressing. It's my back up dressing and a favorite!

Kel said...

That looks sooo good! I'm going to have to find that dressing!

blueviolet said...

That sounds like a perfect summer salad!

Anonymous said...

That looks so delicious and perfect for summer! I will have to try it, thanks for sharing...