Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How To Make Pretty Poppy Flower Shoe Clips

I love flower embellished flip flops but most often they are on really uncomfortable flip flops. I decided to make my own that I could attach to any of my favorite shoes. They also look adorable on my ballet flats.

Wanna make some for yours? Here is how I made them:

Faux Suede or Mole skin type fabric 1/2 a yard or less
shoe clips (I ordered mine on Etsy)hot glue gun

Step one: Cut out 4 different sized circles for each flower, and allow for some shrinking so go a bit larger than you want your flower to be. The circles do not have to be perfectly round.

Step two: Singe the edges of each circle with your lighter. Practice on a scrap to get the hang of it. Be careful not to get the fabric too close to the flame.
Step three: Stack your circles on top of each other to form a flower and then attach all together w/ needle and thread and finish w/ a pearl in the center.
Step four: Cut a circle of felt and sew your shoe clip to the felt. Next hot glue the felt to the back side of the flower.
Step five: (optional) for extra security I hand stitched the felt to the back of the flower even though it was glued.

You can make these pretty flowers in all different sizes, I made a few for my purse and also some hair pins. So fun and so girly! A really easy project but a bit time consuming.

And below the Love, Peace, Flip Flops necklace a new piece in my shop, so fun and for the gal that knows that life really is a bit better in flip flops!


Cheryl Oz said...

These are super cute!

Kidscomfortz.Com said...

I love them! I can't wait to try your pattern out.

L ~DIY Diva~ said...

very cute!
I'd love to have this linked to my weekly link party "Make my Style Mondays"


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I make these as well and use them for headbands, jewelry, clothing accessories and bag accessories!!

Ali said...

I love the idea of putting them on ballet flats--super cute!

Lily Bean Designs said...

Wow! Thanks for the crafty DIY! I will definitely try this out. I love my new flip flop necklace! =)

L ~DIY Diva~ said...

Thanks for linking up. Hope to see your fabulous DIY again at Make My style Mondays.


Julie said...

So cute! I'd love it if you linked up for Flower Week @ Singing Three Little Birds http://singingthreelittlebirds.blogspot.com/2010/05/flower-week-linky-party.html

CRAZYMOM said...

Oh I love these. Great idea!

Katie said...

SUCH a great idea!! Too cute :)

Julie said...

I am featuring you today for Flower Week @ Singing Three Little Birds!