Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tagua Nut Jewelry a Pop of color for Spring

It has been a long winter, so a pop of color is just what I need.  Here are some facts about Tagua Nut jewelry and why I feel good wearing it.

Tagua Nuts – also known as Vegetable Ivory are seeds that come from the tropical rainforest of South America. The seeds are sliced, dyed and polished. Each Tagua Nut is unique and has it's own variations making each a one of a kind seed. Tagua Nuts are very close to the density of animal ivory. Tagua is replacing the slaughter of mammal ivory (elephants and other) in the textile and fashion industries. In one year, one tagua palm produces as much ivory as an average female African elephant. No HARM is done to the nature and hundreds of families are employed by the Tagua nut production market. Tagua Nuts are thin, lightweight and durable.

You can find my entire Tagua Nut collection HERE. 

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