Monday, February 24, 2014

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

I have been meaning to post all the details from Will's Minecraft party, but life gets in the way!  This was the first year we hosted a party at the house so a lot of preparation went into this party.  We hosted 15 boys!  Let's just say we were exhausted!

When the boys arrived they each had an opportunity to make a Minecraft sword and mask.  For the swords we picked up heavy poster board at the dollar store and traced this sword and cut it out with a razor blade.  The masks are just squares cut also from heavy poster board.  The boys decorated the swords with markers and squares of paper.

The cupcakes I ordered from Sam's Club and these cute cupcake toppers came from Berry Sweet Parties on Etsy.  You can find them HERE. 

For this game we used Will's Nerf bow and arrow gun and the boys shot down plastic cups from the dollar store.  We covered one of our many moving boxes with construction paper and just added a Minecraft creeper.

 The most popular game was the mining.  We covered moving boxes with construction paper and then hid candy under the boxes and sent the boys down in small groups with a list of items to mine for.  TNT = Red Licorice, Gold= Rolos, Diamonds = Hershey Kisses, Coal = dollar store coal chocolate.  We also had Swedish Fish.

This last picture we covered the wall with green and black construction paper to look like a creeper and created a spider on the wall with a black balloon and black crepe paper.  The Minecraft Creeper, Steve mask and Endeman all came from where you can find many minecraft items.   We also streamed Minecraft music and had the boys taking turns playing Minecraft in our family room.  So there you have several ideas for a fun but simple Minecraft party!

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