Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Lone Ranger Hi-Yo Silver Away!!!

Hi-Yo Silver Away!  Does that bring back memories? I can remember watching The Lone Ranger as a kid. My Dad always watched the show so this brought back old memories for me.  The Lone Ranger is America's classic Western hero and a steadfast symbol for truth and justice.  Three all-new classic Lone Ranger DVD singles, The Lone Ranger: Hi-Yo Silver, Away!, The Lone Ranger: Kemo Sabe, and The Lone Ranger: Who Was That Masked Man?, are available for $6.99 each. I really enjoyed watching these classics!   You can find the entire collection HERE

A special Collector’s Edition limited set hit retail June 4 for $199.99. This incredible set will feature all five complete seasons (221 episodes on 30 DVDs) in a high-end box set resembling a coffee table book. Bonus content will include two full length features, a complete episode guide containing a synopsis for all 221 episodes, the original “Lone Ranger” radio broadcast from 1950, and a rare comic book and photo reprint, in addition to much more.  You can find it HERE. 

The feature film Lone Ranger Rides on will be in theaters July 3rd.  I can't wait to see it! 

Why not pick up some good all American classic TV, something good for the entire family!

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