Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My favorite tote by Bayou Salvage

When I love something I like to share, because I am just that nice.  But I also love when a shop has high quality items, excellent customer service and they are really nice.  The owner of Bayou Salvage has to be the sweetest shop owner ever.  But more on the bag,  The Large Ruffle Denim tote, is large but so comfortable on your shoulder, I put everything in it but the kitchen sink and it isn't even heavy.  It is made of a heavy denim and very durable.   I love ruffles and love how simple these are.  There are two pockets inside too.  You can find it at Bayou Salvage HERE and many other lovely items.  Bayou Salvage also does a lot of charity work so be sure to explore their shop and get to know them.    Happy Shopping friends!

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