Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Heel of Approval gets my approval

It is that time of year, time to get our toesies ready to wear flip flops and sandals. A friend recommended the True Blue Spa products by Bath and Body Works. I really like their Heel of Approval. I have to say this stuff really works. I don't even have to use it every time just a few times a week and my feet feel smooth. The balm has gylcolic acid in it and I am convinced that is what makes it so good. Just slather some up on your feet and put a pair of socks on for a bit and you will see a difference. The price isn't too steep and you can almost always find their stuff on sale or use a coupon.

Do you get pedicures or do them yourself?

1 comment:

Beth in NC said...

Looks great! I will try it.

I have NEVER had a pedi! I think I would freak out if someone touched my feet. I am so ticklish!