Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CSN Bunn Thermal Carafe Review

One of the things I like to do throughout the morning is drink coffee and I don't like to chug it I like to savor it and enjoy each sip throughout the entire morning. The problem I have is that my timer for my coffee pot warmer shuts off after two hours so by the 2nd cup I usually have to warm it up in the microwave which isn't optimal. Courtesy of CSN.com I had the great pleasure of reviewing the Bunn Thermal Carafe and I have to tell you it is one amazing carafe. I put my coffee in the carafe at 8am and drank throughout the morning and my coffee was piping hot. And then at 2pm I decided to see if it was still hot and it was so I had another cup, yes it was still hot at 2pm, 6 hours later! That night when I was cleaning up our kitchen I was pouring the remaining coffee out and it was still warm! What I also like about the carafe is that it is really easy to clean and does not leak when pouring. I have had other carafes that leak all over the kitchen counter when pouring. In my opinion this is one fabulous carafe and it kept the coffee hot way longer than I had expected.

Bunn Thermal Carafe Product Details:
  • Holds or 64 ounces (12 cups) of coffee or other hot beverage.
  • Unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior.
  • Vacuum insulation keeps beverages hot for hours.
  • Brew through lid allows direct brewing.
If you are interested in the Bunn coffeepot with carafe CSN.com also carries the Bunn VPR Pourover Thermal Carafe.

This really is too short to drink bad coffee and cold coffee but now my problem is solved with the Bunn Thermal Carafe. I am off to have another cup of Joe that will be piping hot!


jackie fo said...

I love that it doesn't leak when you pour it out - about 5 minutes ago I just spilled coffee all over my counter because my top leaked!!!

Amy said...

too funny.. I did a review for them today too. I will be emailing you soon. Things have been wild. Thanks..

Happy Tuesday..

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! You know how much I love my coffee LOL