Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Have Been Tagged....

I snapped this picture today at The Henry Ford Estate

I have been tagged by Kati of Country Girl City Life


1) List Six Unimportant Things That Make You Happy.

2) Mention and link to the person who tagged you

3) Tag six of your favorite bloggers to play along, and comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged.

Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy:

1. Starbucks makes me happy, my drink of choice is a Grande non-fat no foam latte

2. Shopping, I wish I didn't like to shop so much.

3. Fresh clean sheets on the bed and the smell of freshly laundered clothes.

4. Post It Notes... I just have a thing for them.

5. Good Hair Days... remember it said unimportant but they do make me feel good!

6. My new IPod Touch, I love music and it just makes me happy!

I am tagging:


Stacy's Random Thoughts

Jiggety Jigg

Bee and Rose

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Anonymous said...

Cool list...Love my coffee and shopping too :) and thanks for the tag will post today or tomorrow ;)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Love your unimportant happy things - I can relate to all of them! ;)

Thanks for the tag - I will be playing along this weekend, I promise! :)

Bee and Rose said...

I am a huge fan of freshly laundered bed linens! I am a bit of a Post-it freak too:)

Thanks for tagging me! I have been at a complete loss where blogging is concerned as of late! This is just what I need to spark it up again!

(sorry about my lack of commenting skills..I took a bit of a break with my kids, but hope to be back on full tilt after Cat's Irish dance competition this weekend:)

Ali said...

Thanks for the tag! I love my iPod too!

AudreyO said...

I love both purple and Starbucks :)

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

haha - I HATE foam in my lattes too!